The research mainly focuses on:

  • Production, purification, characterization, and optimization of industrially and medically important exopolysaccharides by extremophiles
  • Chemical modifications of exopolysaccharides and their characterization
  • Levan-based bioactive films and surfaces
  • Formation of nanostructured thin films by Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation (MAPLE) and gradient organic thin films by Combinatorial Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation (C-MAPLE)
  • Anti-cancer, immunostimulating, and anticoagulation activities of exopolysaccharides
  • Biocompatibility studies of biomaterials and biofilms
  • Investigate new materials synthesis, formulation to designate their therapeutic efficacy.

Projects are financially supported by:

  • TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) through projects MAG-111M232, MAG-112M330, TBAG-111T016, MAG-108M193, MAG-105M335, MAG 114M239.
  • Marmara University Research Fund through projects FEN-C-DRP-030912-0306, FEN-C-YLP-210311-0057, FEN-D-110412-0103
  • EU-COST Action TD0906 : Biological Adhesives: From Biology to Biomimetics 

Research topics are:

Completed researches are:

Presented Studies:


1.Erginer M., Cansever Mutlu E., Eroglu M.S., Toksoy Öner E. Levan-based Adhesive Surfaces for Biomedical Applications. in 2nd 
Internatinal Conferance on Biological Adhesives Biology to Biomimetics. 2014. Istanbul. (Oral Presentation) 2014 


2. Cansever Mutlu E., Bahadori F., Kazak Sarilmiser H., Toksoy Oner E., Eroglu M.S. Levan Coated Nano Particles For Tumor 
Targeting Delivery. in 2nd International Conferance On Biological & Biomimetic Adhesives. Istanbul (Poster Presentation) 2014 


3. Eroglu M. S., Mutlu E., Sennaroglu Bostan M., Toksoy Oner E. The Effect of Levan on the Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Chitosan Polyethyleneoxide Blend Films. 9th World Biomaterials Congress. Chengdu, 3 China (Poster Presentation) 2012


4. Sima F. Cansever Mutlu E., Eroglu M. S., Sima L.E. , Serban N. , Ristoscu C. , Petrescu S.M. Toksoy Oner E., Mihailescu I. Levan thin films by MAPLE. 9th World Biomaterials Congress. Chengdu, China (Poster Presentation) 2012 


Toksoy Oner E., Mutlu E., (2010) A Promising Bioglue from An Extremophile. COST TD0906 Workshop, Biological 
Adhesives: from biology to biomimetics. Vien, Austria (Oral Presentation) 2010 


6. Kazak H, Gökmen B, Ates O, Güney D B ,Mutlu E, Gürleyendag B, Kucukasik F, Toksoy Öner E,. A Promising 
Biopolymer from Halophilic Bacteria. International Meeting The 5th Congress for Bioengineering. Izmir, Turkey 
(Oral Presentation) 2010 


7. Cansever E and Turker AU. In vitro culture and biological activity of Solanum dulcamara L., a medicinal plant 
. 55th Congress of the Society of Medicial Plant Research, Graz, Austria. Planta Medica 73(9): 881-881 P182. 
(Meeting abstract) 2007 


8.  Cansever E ve Turker AU (Solanum dulcamara L. bitkisinin in vitro kültür yöntemi ile çoğaltımı. Biyoteknoloji Yüzyılı ve Türkiye Kongresi Özet Kitapçıgı, Sabancı University –Istanbul, Turkey sayfa 29 (Oral Presentation) 2006

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